Commercial Storage Solutions

Solve your business’s storage problems in Phoenix.

Why Rent a Storage Unit for Business?

Choose the right storage unit for your commercial storage needs.

Storage units are the most economical way to solve your space needs. 

Compare one of our self storage units to a commercial property rental or purchase and see for yourself! The cost per square foot tells you all you need to know. 

Our storage units can serve as the space you need for equipment storage, document storage, inventory storage, and more in Phoenix, Arizona!

How We Can Help

Here are a few examples of what 51st Ave Self Storage can help you store!

Legal Documents

Our temperature-controlled units will keep your important documents safe from the elements and out of the way.

Employee Records

Have lots of employees and running out of space to store physical records? Try out storage units!


Keep your electronics safe in our temperature-controlled self storage units.


No space at your business to store inventory? We’ve got you covered! This is the most affordable way to store.


Sometimes we have equipment our business needs from time to time but not every day. A storage unit is ideal for keeping these items safe but out of the way.

Spare Furniture

Does your business have spare desks, couches, chairs, and other furniture that it doesn’t want to part with but doesn’t want to store on-site? Let us help!